Epilogue. Acknowledgments. Endpaper Illustrations. About the Author. Also by. Neal. Page 7. Stephenson. Copyright. About the Publisher. Seveneves by Neal Stephenson To read e-books on the BookShout App, download it on: iPhone/iPad . Stephenson ·Seveneves eBook Sampler - pages. No doubt tº is us -y, Ar-Rahiq Al-Makhtoom (The Sealed Nectar) is a book of great value and praiseworthy work on the l.

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Stephenson makes you feel the loss of Earth on the scale it deserves. Stephenson explores areas such as mathematics, cryptography, philosophy, currency, and the history of science. He also writes non-fiction articles about technology in publications such as Wired Magazine, and has worked part-time as an advisor for Blue Origin, a company funded by Jeff Bezos developing a manned sub-orbital launch system.

His father is a professor of electrical engineering whose father was a physics professor; his mother worked in a biochemistry laboratory, while her father was a biochemistry professor.

Stephenson furthered his studies at Boston University. He first specialized in physics, then switched to geography after he found that it would allow him to spend more time on the university mainframe.

He graduated in with a B. Since , Stephenson has lived mostly in the Pacific Northwest and currently resides in Seattle with his family. He lives in Seattle, Washington.

Subscribe Our Feed to receive an ebook everyday! While initially a close friend of former President Flaherty, Camila grows disillusioned with her during the events of the novel, ultimately preventing Flaherty from murdering Tekla. Camila has Moira imbue her descendants with non-aggressive traits, in order to be better suited to living in the close confines of space for generations.

Deciding that future humans will look down upon her descendants due to the cannibalism she participated in while cut off from the ISS, she gives each of her children markedly different qualities, to best counter the attributes selected by the other Eves. Others[ edit ] Luisa Soter: A sociologist and the eighth surviving female of Endurance's journey to Cleft, Luisa is post-menopausal and thus incapable of becoming an "Eve".

Seveneves by Neal Stephenson Download PDF

Luisa was born in New York City and educated at the Ethical Culture School , instilling in her a philosophy some of the Eves' descendants would carry. Luisa had previously worked with refugees and economic migrants, making her the first psychologist and social worker of the ISS population.

On his urging pushes for the resettlement of the cloud ark on a canyon on "Cleft", a remnant of the moon's iron core which would protect them from radiation and meteorite strikes. Dies of multiple forms of cancer and metastases, probably obtained from radiation exposure, shortly after arrival on Cleft, content in the guaranteed safety to humanity provided by their new home. Sides with Julia and disseminates her propaganda advocating for secession from ISS.

Initiates cannibalism among the arkies by eating his own leg due to their relative uselessness in space. Accidentally creates a religion amongst the secessionist arkies, with the swarm being viewed as a supernatural being.

The future human races view his siding with Julia and willingness to write her propaganda as caused by his reliance on distractive social media, and thus scorn advanced micro computing technologies intended for personal use. Sean Probst: Mining magnate and commander of comet-mining spacecraft Ymir. Launches an expedition to retrieve a comet after a political battle over aerospace resources. Successfully brings an ice comet into near Earth orbit but succumbs with the rest of his crew to radiation sickness from the fallout of the nuclear reactor they used.

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Cal Blankenship: U. Navy commander of a nuclear ballistic missile submarine. Nukes the Venezuelan navy and an army of protesters to protect rocket launches to the ISS after being ordered to do so by the president. He and Ivy amicably end their engagement during the Hard Rain, before he submerges to avoid the devastation. Revealed in the epilogue to have been part of an underwater ark project as extensive as the cloud ark, with his descendants recognizing the last photograph he had sent to Ivy upon Blue's first contact with the Pingers.

Establishes a bunker with his friends, family, and associates to survive the Hard Rain, with his descendants becoming the Diggers. Of all the races, the Diggers remain closest to "root stock" humanity having simply enacted population control instead of using genetic engineering as the Spacers or selective breeding as the Pingers.

Oversees the development of the cloud ark, and attempts to seize the resources Sean Probst is acquiring for his asteroid mission. It is strongly hinted that he viewed the Cloud Ark as a panacea for maintaining social order in the face of extinction, and is unconcerned in the actual success of the project.

Later killed by a micrometeorite within a space capsule after being launched into orbit in an X at the last minute with the President. His gun is eventually displayed as a relic in a museum by the future human races, allowing visitors to see how different their armaments were from old Earth.

Ulrika Ek: Swedish project manager of cloud ark construction.

Launched to the cloud ark concurrently with Markus. Refused to provide separate religious worship pods, earning the ire of every religious group, and limited it to an interfaith pod. Dies from a stroke during the journey to cleft.

He quickly forms a sexual relationship with Dinah, and establishes a security force composed of wrestlers. Died when the MIV he is using to adjust the comet's course is damaged by accident.

Rhys Aitken: A British engineer specializing in unusual constructs, initially sent to the ISS to integrate a torus for space tourists, Rhys inspires several upgrades and uses for Dinah's robots.

He and Dinah have a brief sexual relationship which she breaks off due to his depressive moods following the conclusion of any of his projects. Assists in the creation of Endurance after which he slips into a depressive mood, eventually committing suicide a month into the journey.

Vyacheslav Dubsky: Russian cosmonaut. Launched to the ISS alongside Rhys. Takes the name Kath Amalthova Three after undergoing post traumatic epigenetic shift.

Beled Tomov: Teklan Surveyor for Blue with an extensive military background. Teklans are the most physically capable of the seven races of humanity. Most prominent head of the new Earth terraforming project.

Ivyns are most intelligent. Seveneves is a hard science fiction novel by Neal Stephenson published in The story tells of the desperate efforts to preserve Homo sapiens in the wake of apocalyptic events on Earth following the unexplained disintegration of the Moon , and the remaking of human society as a space-based civilization after a severe genetic bottleneck.

At some unspecified date in the near future, an unknown agent causes the Moon to shatter into seven pieces.

As the remnants of the Moon begin to collide with one another, astronomer and science popularizer "Doc" Dubois Harris calculates that the number of collisions will increase exponentially. A large number of Moon fragments will begin entering Earth's atmosphere, forming a "white sky" and blanketing the Earth within two years with what he calls a "Hard Rain" of bolides ; this will cause the atmosphere to heat to incandescence and oceans to boil away, destroying the biosphere and rendering Earth uninhabitable for thousands of years.

It is decided to evacuate as many people and resources as possible to a "Cloud Ark" in orbit, including a "swarm" of "arklet" habitats that will be able to avoid the debris from the Moon—both to attempt to preserve the human race and to give the remaining doomed inhabitants of Earth something to hope for, to prevent civil disorder from breaking out on Earth before its surface is destroyed.

Each nation on Earth is invited to choose by lot a small number of young people to become eligible to join the Cloud Ark.

The ISS is already bolted onto an iron Arjuna asteroid called Amalthea, which provides some protection against Moon debris. Robots are used to excavate Amalthea to provide more protection in a project run by mining and robotics engineer Dinah MacQuarie.

The plan is that the Cloud Ark must be self-sufficient for 5, years and capable of repopulating Earth once it is habitable again. A Human Genetic Archive is sent to the Cloud Ark, with the intention that it will be used to rebuild the human population.

Approximately 1, people are launched into space in the two years before the Hard Rain begins. Suspecting that some architects of the Cloud Ark are interested only in pacifying Earth's inhabitants with false hope rather than creating an environment that will actually survive in the long term , a billionaire named Sean Probst realizes that the Cloud Ark will need a ready supply of water in order to provide propellant for the space station and to prevent it from eventually falling into the Earth's atmosphere.

He embarks on a two-year expedition to extract ice from a comet nicknamed Greg's Skeleton , using a nuclear reactor to provide power to bring it back towards Earth.

Markus Leuker, appointed leader of the Cloud Ark, declares all nations of Earth to be dissolved, and imposes martial law under the Cloud Ark Constitution.

Neal Stephenson

Despite a worldwide agreement that members of government will not be launched into space, the President of the United States , Julia Bliss Flaherty, manages to get herself sent to the Cloud Ark at the last minute. Shortly afterwards the main cache of the physical Human Genetic Archive attached to the ISS is ruined by the thrusters of an arklet passing too closely, leaving only samples that had been distributed amongst the arks.

There is disagreement on the Cloud Ark about the best way to organize its society and avoid the debris of the Moon. Some "Arkies" favor converting the Cloud Ark into a decentralized swarm of small space vessels at a higher orbit out of range of debris, rather than maintaining the central authority of the ISS.

Doc Dubois wants to shelter in the "Cleft", a crevasse on the now-exposed iron core of the Moon. Others want to go to Mars. Julia Flaherty starts to acquire a coterie of followers and encourages the proponents of the decentralized swarm plan.

Sean Probst's expedition has succeeded, and he has brought a comet into an orbit that will soon pass by Earth. His radio has failed and he has built a replacement by hand, and is able to communicate with Dinah MacQuarie by Morse code.

However, he and his party die of radiation sickness caused by fallout from their nuclear reactor long before the expedition is complete. Markus Leuker and Dinah travel to the comet with a small crew to take control of it and bring it back to the Cloud Ark, in order to provide sufficient propellant to reach the Cleft on the moon's core.

Just before Dinah returns with the ice as the sole survivor of the mission, Julia Flaherty persuades the majority of the population to abandon the ISS and move to higher orbit in a decentralized swarm, and sends a preliminary expedition to Mars.

In the course of their sudden, unauthorized departure the ISS sustains catastrophic damage to many sections. The surviving portions of the Human Genetic Archive are carried along with them, but due to the Arkies' ignorance, these surviving portions are discarded or ignored. The ISS and remaining third of the cloud ark combine through reshaping the ice into a support structure, and is rechristened Endurance.

During the three years that it takes for Endurance to reach the Cleft, the majority of its population die of various causes cancer caused by cosmic radiation, suicide, bolide strikes, etc. Julia Bliss Flaherty's Swarm splits into two factions, who fight; Flaherty's faction is defeated.Retrieved Doc Dubois wants to shelter in the "Cleft", a crevasse on the now-exposed iron core of the Moon. Five thousand years later, their progeny—seven distinct races now three billion strong—embark on yet another audacious journey into the unknown.

Science fiction fans everywhere will love this book.

The story tells of the desperate efforts to preserve Homo sapiens in the wake of apocalyptic events on Earth following the unexplained disintegration of the Moon , and the remaking of human society as a space-based civilization after a severe genetic bottleneck.

Is employed by a secretive society serving the "Purpose", and recruited by Doc for his seven. After scores of pages of this, my eyelids were succumbing to a powerful gravitational force. Her descendants have attributes more focused on intelligence and academic study.