Once you have a textbook understanding of money market and foreign exchange products, turn to FX Options and Structured Products, Second Edition, for the. View Table of Contents for FX Options and Structured Products Structured Products, Second Edition, for the beyond-vanilla options strategies. Uwe Wystup. 1. FX Options and Structured Products 2e. FX Options and Structured Products. Second Edition. Uwe Wystup llowponquoresmai.gq 9 June

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FX Structured Products are tailor-made linear combinations of FX Options including both vanilla and exotic Exotic Options, second edition. Request PDF on ResearchGate | FX Options and Structured Products | There has been an explosive growth in the number of corporates. CHARTER 1. Foreign Exchange Derivatives. 1. Liter ature Review. 1. A Journey through the History of Options. 1. Currency Options. 3. Technical .

If no active option market is present, the only source of information is estimating the historic volatility.

This would give some clue about the past. In liquid currency pairs volatility is often a traded quantity on its own, which is quoted by traders, brokers and real-time data pages. These quotes reflect views of market participants about the future. Since volatility normally does not stay constant, option traders are highly concerned with hedging their volatility exposure.

Hedging vanilla options vega is comparatively easy, because vanilla options have convex payoffs, whence the vega is always positive, i. This monotone dependence is not guaranteed for non-convex payoffs as we illustrate in Figure 1.

The vanilla value is monotone in the volatility, whereas the barrier value is not. The reason is that as the spot gets closer to the upper knock-out barrier, an increasing volatility would increase the chance of knock-out and hence decrease the value Historic Volatility We briefly describe how to compute the historic volatility of a time series of daily data. First, we create the sequence of log-returns Then, we compute the average log-return S 0, S 1, However, market prices of traded options imply different volatilities for different maturities and different deltas.

We start with some technical issues how to imply the volatility from vanilla options. Retrieving the Volatility from Vanilla Options Given the value of an option. Recall the Black-Scholes formula in Equation 1.

Therefore one should start with small initial guesses at or below the saddle point. For at-the-money options, the saddle point is degenerate for a zero volatility and small volatilities serve as good initial guesses. We observe that implied volatilities are not constant, but depend on the time to maturity of the option as well as on the current time. This shows that the Black-Scholes assumption of a constant volatility is not fully justified looking at market data.

We have a term structure of volatility as well as a stochastic nature of the term structure curve as time passes. Besides the dependence on the time to maturity term structure we also observe different implied volatilities for different degrees of moneyness. This effect is called the volatility smile.

The term structure and smile together are called a volatility matrix or volatility surface, if it is graphically displayed. Various possible reasons for this empirical phenomenon are discussed among others by Bates, e.

In Foreign Exchange Options markets implied volatilities are generally quoted and plotted against the deltas of out-of-the-money call and put options. This allows market participants to ask various partners for quotes on a Delta call, which is spot independent. The actual strike will be set depending on the spot if the trade is close to being finalized. The at-themoney option is taken to be the one that has a strike equal to the forward, which is equivalent to the value of the call and the put being equal.

This is no more true for long-term vanilla options. Volatility matrices for more delta pillars are usually interpolated. Symmetric Decomposition Generally in Foreign Exchange, volatilities are decomposed into a symmetric part of the smile reflecting the convexity and a skew-symmetric part of the smile reflecting the skew.

The way this works is that the market quotes risk reversals RR and butterflies BF or strangles, see Sections and for the description of the products and Figure 1. Here we are talking about the respective volatilities to use to price the products.

Sample quotes are listed in Tables 1. Our sample market data is given in terms of RR and BF. Translated into implied volatilities of vanillas we obtain the data listed in Table 1. This means that for example on 4 April , the 1-month delta EUR call was priced with a volatility of 0.

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At that moment the market apparently favored calls indicating a belief in an upward movement. This means that for example on 4 April , the 1-month delta EUR call and the 1-month delta EUR put are on average quoted with a volatility of 0.

The result is that the 1-month EUR call is quoted with a volatility of 4. Tokyo for JPY trades.

The change is done for the one day forward volatility. They are computed based on the market data displayed in Tables 1. The variance on trading days is adjusted to match the volatility on the pillars of the ATM volatility curve exactly.

The procedure starts from the two pillars t 1, t 2 surrounding the date t r in question. It is important to specify the notion that is used to quote the smile.

There are three different deltas concerning plain vanilla options At-The-Money Definition There is one specific at-the-money pillar in the middle. There are at least three notions for the meaning of at-the-money ATM.

The standard for all currencies one can stick to is spot delta parity with premium included [left hand side Fenics delta for call and put is the same] or excluded [right hand side Fenics delta] is used.

The idea behind this approach is as follows. The parameters which solve the interpolation conditions 1. BBA, the British Bankers Association, provides historic smile data for all major currency pairs in spread sheet format at 2. Olsen Associates can provide tic data of historic spot rates, from which the historic volatilities can be computed.

Bloomberg, not really the traditional FX data source, contains both implied volatilities and historic volatilities. NMRC has some implied volatilities for precious metals.

Telerate pages such as , see Figure 1. Cantorspeed 90 also provides implied volatilities. Figure 1. This indicates to a trader or risk taker whether it is currently advisable to download volatility or sell volatility, i.

We fix a time horizon of historic observations of mid market at-the-money implied volatility and look at the maximum, the minimum that traded over this time horizon and compare this with the current volatility level. Since long term volatilities tend to fluctuate less than short term volatility levels, the chart of the minimum and the maximum typically looks like a part of a cone.

We illustrate this in Figure 1.

The most prominent reason for the popularity is very simple: FX volatility is stochastic as is shown for instance in Figure Treating stochastic volatility in detail here is way beyond the scope of this book. For the market data in Tables 1. Also compute the corresponding strikes for the three pillars or moneyness. Taking the smile of the previous exercise, implement the functions for interpolation to generate a suitable implied volatility for any given time to maturity and any strike or delta.

Therefore, we will restrict our attention in this section to the most basic strategies Call and Put Spread A Call Spread is a combination of a long and a short Call option.

It is also called capped call. The motivation to do this is the fact that downloading a simple call may be too expensive and the downloader wishes to lower the premium. At the same time he does not expect the underlying exchange rate to appreciate above the strike of the short Call option.

The Call spread entitles the holder to download an agreed amount of a currency say EUR on a specified date maturity at a pre-determined rate long strike as long as the exchange rate is above the long strike at maturity.

However, if the exchange rate is above the short strike at this time, the holder s profit is limited to the spread as defined by the short and long strikes see example below. The holder has to pay a premium for this protection. The holder will exercise the option at maturity if the spot is above the long strike. However, in case of very high EUR at maturity the protection works only up to the higher strike.

Call Spread Call Spread profit spot at maturity final exchange rate spot at maturity Figure 1. At maturity: 1. The overall loss will be the option s premium. But instead the company can download EUR at a lower spot in the market. Example A company wants to hedge receivables from an export transaction in USD due in 12 months time. The Vanilla Call is too expensive, but the company does not expect a large upward movement of the EUR. However, the company would benefit from a lower spot when downloading EUR.

Its risk is that the spot at maturity is very high.


Since downloading a call requires a premium, the downloader can sell another option to finance the download of the call. A popular liquid product in FX markets it the Risk Reversal or collar.

A Risk Reversal is a combination of a long call and a short put. PDF Request permissions. Tools Get online access For authors.

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Frequently bought together. The reason is that the value of an option can be computed both in a domestic as well as in a foreign scenario. Print ISBN: Alternatively, if the exchange rate is below the strike at maturity, the holder is entitled to sell the amount at this strike.

FX Options and Structured Products

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