For over 30 years, Emergency Care has provided generations of EMT students with the practical information they need to succeed in the classroom and in the field. This item:Emergency Care (13th Edition) (EMT) by Daniel J. Limmer EMT-P Paperback $ Dan Limmer, EMT-P, has been. by Daniel J. Limmer EMT-P (Author), Emergency Care (13th Edition) (EMT) Emergency Care and Transportation of the Sick and Injured (Book &. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Daniel Limmer (Author). Dan Limmer, EMT- P, has been EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) Crash Course Book + Online (EMT Test Preparation). EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) Crash Course.

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Emergency Care's boxed features and pedagogical tools help Street Scenes place book knowledge within the context of real-life calls. My association with the Emergency Care EMT textbook is long and passionate. I met the EMT instructor and asked if he had an extra book. Learn about the best Emergency Medicine books - whether you are looking Attending, resident, or medical student, or Emergency Medicine.

Patient Assessment and Care describes the assessment and treatment for particular types of patients, disorders, or injuries. They include important signs and symptoms, as well as key steps of care. Point of View photos and stories capture the patient's perspective and recount experiences of EMS care from the patient's point of view. Scans summarize step-by-step procedures using easy-to-reference illustrations. Medication Scans provide information needed to help administer medications.

Procedure Scans list and describe how to perform particular procedures. Street Scenes place book knowledge within the context of real-life calls. Questions within this feature prompt readers to test their knowledge using realistic situations.

Voices marginal features offer insights or facts from EMTs in the field. Chapter Review sections include a summary of key points; key terms and definitions; review questions; critical-thinking exercises that ask students to apply knowledge; case studies; and more. There is also a new section on the use of oxygen saturation information in recognizing respiratory distress and failure.

She told Seth that she thinks the guy in Bed Eight is her father. The next chapter is about a girl named Roo. She has to take care of her twins and her mother was five miles away from her but her mother could not help.

She decides to bring them to the city hospital which is really similar to Anna Maria's case. The next one is about Seth telling Diana We should kill your father.

Diana told Seth He left Diana and her mother when Diana was 4 and left them so he could marry somebody else. Diana is not sure what she should do. Why do the officers think it's one of the victims that shot himself and another two people? Who died because of the gunshot? How is Diana sure that the guy in Bed Eight is really her father?

She is losing so much blood and her blood color is yellow. Jersey was going into shock which caused her body to shut down. In the next chapter, it was about Alec. Alec needed oxygen so they took a 2 inch needle and poked it between the bones on his wrist.


Seth was really close from puking near the doctors so a nurse took him out of there. In the next chapter, it is about Roo, a 15 year old mother with twins. She went to the hospital because her twins had a "fever.

Roo sat next to two girls and colored with them. She let two strangers hold her twins not a smart mother. The two girls were Anna Maria and Yasmin. Later on, drug dealers came into the hospital and half the waiting room people left because they knew who they were.

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They were in the KSI and they are basically drugs dealers and they would murder people too. One of the guys named Dunk wanted to see Tilltson and Dunk said Im his brother. The nurse said your white and Tilltson is Black. Dunk then left. Why did Roo let the strangers hold her twins? Who is the father of the twins? Why does Dunk want to see Tillitson? She get brought to the hospital once a week because when she is drunk, she might hurt herself or another person. In the next chapter, it is about Dunk.

He is trying to find a way to get past the hospital security so he could kill Tilltson. Dunk got in the hospital and he thinks now he could kill Tilltson. In the next chapter it is about Roo. Roo is thinking of abandoning her two twins because she thinks taking care of them is to much!

She is deciding whether she should be with them or abandon them and never see them again. Next chapter, it is about Ana Marie. She knows she has to get her brother and sister out of the Hospital.

She knows who Dunk is and what he does for living. If Ana Marie does not get out of there on time, there will be trouble.

In the next chapter, Diana sees a women with a doll. She looks closely and says "That's not a doll, that's a Baby! Barbie, one of the nurses told Diana to grab the baby and so she did. A nurse came quickly and took the baby quickly. That was the first time Diana ever held a baby and she was frightened to. Diana knew what was going to happen to the baby.

It was going to die! Why does Dunk want Tilltson dead so badly? How does Ana Marie know Dunk?

ISBN 13: 9781284080179

The Important lesson I learned is if you think there might be trouble, get out of that place. Nothing good will happen there. He is in the hospital with both of his parents. They have not been seen by a doctor for a while and the mother is crying because she thinks her son might die. They have been waiting in the treatment room for a while. Later on, Seth sees a women and her daughter. The women told Seth my daughter got a asthma attack yesterday and this morning.

While Seth was bringing them to the 7th floor, he used the wrong elevator and that elevator led somewhere else.

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While he was pushing her daughter on a wheel chair, she was getting a asthma attack. He quickly rushed to the Pediatric and he by accident ran over her mother's foot. Seth gave the girl on the wheelchair to a nurse and he covered his name tag so the mother can't file a suit against him. Dunk had his gun out in the Waiting Room. He was pointing the gun at everybody and the cops told him to relax.

The nurse took Yasmin and hid her somewhere. Dunk took Val out of the stroller because she was screaming and he ran with her somewhere downstairs. Why did Dunk pull his gun out in the Waiting Room?

Where was Seth when Dunk pulled out his gun? Where is the rest of the officers or securities? In the next chapter, Anna Marie quickly got the stroller and beat it.

In the next chapter, Roo was thinking about Cal and espically Val. She said even though they drive me crazy, they still love me no matter what and I love them.

Emergency Care

In the next chapter, Seth entered a Green tunnel which was located in a Basement. He was walking around and then he bumped into a guy with a gun and a baby Dunk. Seth said She needed a diaper change so he took her away from Dunk.

Dunk asked where the exit is and Seth said keep going straight and make a right at the end of the tunnel. Seth walked with the baby and entered a door full of cops pointing there guns at him. Seth said Im just a volunteer. A guy gave me this baby and he ran to that green tunnel.

All of the cops dashed toward that green tunnel with there guns. Next chapter, Roo was so happy to change Val's Diaper. She was never this happy before and she loves them both even more. The next chapter, Diana was so happy that Seth was really brave. Seth was her hero. Finally Seth asked her to a movie and a dinner and Diana said Yes. View 2 comments. Feb 18, Terri rated it really liked it. What a different, jaw dropping perspective.

What I got was a behind the scenes look at an inner city ER through the eyes of 2 teenaged Med school hopefuls volunteering in the ER. Author Caroline B. Cooney masterful What a different, jaw dropping perspective. Oct 12, Carlos Aguirre rated it really liked it. A- the most interesting scene in the book is when when alec is brought in the hospital after a motorcycle accident, because i like motorcycles and i like to watch on youtube bikes and motorcycles accidents and i was thinking about how harmed he could be, like with his hip broken or his back fragmented into a thousand pieces of bones, and what the autor do for get my interest is that he used dramatic w 7: A- the most interesting scene in the book is when when alec is brought in the hospital after a motorcycle accident, because i like motorcycles and i like to watch on youtube bikes and motorcycles accidents and i was thinking about how harmed he could be, like with his hip broken or his back fragmented into a thousand pieces of bones, and what the autor do for get my interest is that he used dramatic words for explaining this event and the accidents.

A- what diana and seth would never do is to leave their patients in theemergency room like giving up their work, they never would leave the motorcycle accidented boy, the gunshot wound victim, and muchless the baby. Nov 15, Ceri rated it did not like it Shelves: So this was a book I read a million times in middle school and is hilarious to return to now when I'm working as a chaplain at a Level 1 trauma hospital, often on call for the ER.

Cooney got a lot right; the ebb and flow, the weird little world unto itself that the ER can be, the interplay of personalities and hierarchies within the ER--all of that is pretty close to what I'm experiencing, which made it a little jarring when I would leave work to read about work.

Cooney also nails the brevity of So this was a book I read a million times in middle school and is hilarious to return to now when I'm working as a chaplain at a Level 1 trauma hospital, often on call for the ER. Cooney also nails the brevity of ER patients; just like most of the characters here, you don't get to know them and you don't get to see the end of the story. Life and patients move on. The structure is great, the setting is solid, but the characters, unfortunately, are ridiculous.

Cooney suffers from her own melodrama, to an extent, and I hated both of the main characters are flat fools slotting neatly into gender expectations with little fuss.

I do appreciate the ways Cooney gave us both sides of a scene and the interplay between Seth and Diana, but especially at the end I was absolutely on the side of the nurses who found them insufferable. The subplots were really quite good, but Seth and Diana kind of spoil the whole thing.

Emergency Care and Transportation of the Sick and Injured (Book & Navigate 2 Essentials Access)

There were also a number of ethnic and socioeconomic stereotypes that just felt too easy for this, although many of them are often true. Good for a foray into ER culture though dated , but not something I'm going to keep around. Feb 01, Kerry rated it liked it Shelves: I bought this at a public library book sale, looked interesting.

It was a short tale, with a college girl getting shot in the first chapter. But to me, the really interesting part is that inside the covers the words "Greenbrier junior high" were stamped. This was a Jr high book? It wasn't graphic, but I'm not sure I would like my 11 or 12 year old reading it. I really just thought that was odd. Couldn't really get into this book, spelling awful in places. May 31, Ashley rated it it was amazing.

Mar 15, Christina rated it liked it. I loved everything going on in the story but it did leave me feeling like I needed to know more about what happened to the other patients.

Sep 26, Jen Gomm rated it did not like it. Maybe this is a good book for a teen reader, but definitely NOT for an adult. Jul 31, Paige rated it it was ok. This book was sort of confusing. There were just way too many storylines to follow, and it took the last few pages for them to all coincide. Was not a fan of this book. Jan 05, Lauren Dahl rated it really liked it.

I thought that this book was really good. This book was really interesting and made it really easy for me to connect to this book.

The reason that it was so easy for me to connect is because I really want to work in the medical field when I get older. So, for this book there was a few things that I didnt like about it, for example, when it would switch the charters from one chapter to another got a little confusing for me.

But, in the end this book was really interesting and made me want to read I thought that this book was really good. But, in the end this book was really interesting and made me want to read more. Feb 28, Thalia is currently reading it. Cooney which is a work of non-fiction. My observations about a character name Diana is that she is a nice person and everyone in her job takes over her kindness.

She works in the emergency room. Ever time a patient comes to get auxiliary they always leave her the drunk ones to her and everyone makes fun of her. While reading this book i learn three things. They always leave the drunk patients to Diana. Secondly,Seth hated having to learn new things.

He liked knowing everything already. Sometimes Seth is a jerk in front of people and strangers and his friends. Everyone in the job has nick names that they like to be call but Diana just want them to call her by her name , but everyone call's her Volunteer. Would Diana do something that everyone would thank her for and they start calling her by her name?. Diana office is a small cubicle therefor other people has bigger rooms. This book makes me think that do people actually gets treaded like that in real life?

This book makes me realize that people everywhere in general there's people that are sweat and other people are cold hearted and take advantage of them. Treat others how you want to be treaded, Never judge people on how they look or base on what you looking. Login or Register. download Hardcover: E-mail this page Embed book widget. What is an eBook? Why is an eBook better than a PDF? Where do I get eBook files? Overview Contents Resources Rights Stats.

The wide range of issues covered includes: Institute of Medicine. Washington, DC: The National Academies Press. Press Release Report Brief. A three-book series that examines the future of emergency care in the United States health system. Audio The Future of Emergency Care. You may request permission to: Republish or display in another publication, presentation, or other media Use in print or electronic course materials and dissertations Share electronically via secure intranet or extranet And more For most Academic and Educational uses no royalties will be charged although you are required to obtain a license and comply with the license terms and conditions.

Translation and Other Rights For information on how to request permission to translate our work and for any other rights related query please click here. Appendix A Committee and Subcommittee Membership.Limmer , Michael F. One thing that is certain is that these books are good enough to make it onto our best Emergency Medicine books list in case you are looking to get one right now. If your primary purpose is to have a portable text for reference during your day-to-day practice, a pocket book is more reasonable.

Chapters in some of the longer, reference books are often laid out in ways that require 30 minutes or more of time to consume. A little later, we found some similes that warranted the star in our rating: This book will be of particular interest to emergency care providers, professional organizations, and policy makers looking to address the deficiencies in emergency care systems.

Chapters 16—24 NEW: