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CSS · Tips & Tricks · WordPress · Ebook. Book Cover. Download Ebook Gratis Link-link Pilihan Minggu Ini #7 · Rian Ariona — 24 Mei 24 Mei FREE e-Books. Download, Read & Enjoy! Get e-Books Submit an article, or subscribe to Translation Journal for free or share your knowledge with your. Choose among free epub and site eBooks, download them or read them online. You will find the Everything from Project Gutenberg is gratis, libre, and completely without cost to readers. Linking Readme: Linking to Project Gutenberg.

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Dictionary Society of North America - dictionarysociety. Configuration error - ast. Sat, 01 Nov Sun, 12 Oct GSE Alternate-Protocol: Domain Registrar: Host IP Address Country dns1. Derse uses strategic planning with Face-to-face marketing PH Cat is now on vacation! You can tell immediately where the eBooks are from, and that AdEspresso has gone to the extra effort to make them a good read.

You should also consider targeting with website custom audiences. If you target only people who have visited your top competitor in the last 60 days, then you will know that your eBook is focused to exactly the leads you want.

You should also make sure to exclude existing leads with a custom audience or even better, retarget them — see below. Targeting is where is comes in very helpful to already have a good idea of the downloader personas of your prospective leads. There are a wealth of possible targeting possibilities. Facebook allows you to target any interests. AdEspresso makes it easy to target people who have all the interests you specify. Once all this is done, you can start to test and optimize your campaign.

You should be testing different images, headlines and copy in your ad, along with targeting different ages, genders, and other demographics. This means you might start with dozens of different tests to run.

Reliable, quick, and hassle-free

You need a good amount of data before you can really see what is happening. Like Facebook, Twitter is an excellent marketing tool.

The recent addition of Lead Generation Cards for Twitter means that getting leads via Twitter is easier than ever. Lead Generation cards are kind of like Facebook ads, but with a couple of subtle differences. You write copy obviously only characters long , add images, and add a call-to-action just like Facebook ads.

The card gets their email without causing the lead to even have to leave the site, immediately sending them a link to the download. They are ridiculously easy to set up. Add text, an image, and a call-to-action and you are good to go. As with Facebook, Twitter engagement rates can be massive so the cost per lead is much lower than more traditional avenues.

The trade journals in your own field are a great place to launch your eBook. If you are a big gun in your area, then these media outlets would definitely want the exclusive of your new eBook. You can use their email lists to generate leads for your own.

Consider how iDoneThis offered an exclusive on their eBook on remote working to Remotive. Guest posting on other sites in your field is one of the easiest ways to generate new leads and new traffic. The content already exists in your eBook—just repurpose a section of it and turn it into a freestanding article. Pitch topics based on your chapters to different top blogs in your area.

Most will be interested in having some easy, top-quality content for their blog as this is a win-win. They can drive traffic and leads to your eBook, and you are giving them something for nothing. You can do this for multiple blogs.

Below is a guest post written by Janet Choi from Customer. Include links back to your eBook page, like Janet did above, and you now have multiple outlets for spreading the word about your new book. In the same use-reuse vein, you can put the eBook content back on your own site.

Tips Membaca

You can either repackage the original posts, adding an update at the top and bottom about the eBook, or you can produce an entirely new post with the content, perhaps adding updated and new information. Content Marketing Institute do exactly this. They originally built an eBook of content marketing examples:. Once you have great content, look for every avenue to get it out there. Your original content not only helps you produce a book, but also helped you publish more on your blog, on Facebook, and on other sites.

Hopefully you have enough content and wide-ranging ideas that you could publish different books on multiple topics eventually. On pages where the topic is unrelated, you can use a call-to-action box on the side, or as a pop-up when users reach a point on the page. A content upgrade is a specific type of CTA that you absolutely should have at the bottom of any post related to the eBook. These content upgrade boxes can be easily implemented on almost any blog with apps such as SumoMe.

This is also a great way to repurpose not only your eBook, but also all of the packaged extras you produced — your cheatsheet, checklist, or template.

Each can be reused as a lead magnet as part of your content upgrade. All this is only the beginning. Your lead magnet eBook is only there to pull the leads your way — you still have to turn them into customers. Email is going to be the biggest winner.

Whenever a lead downloads your eBook, you need to get right in there and use that email address straight away. Send them a thank you email with a link for the download so they can re-download later easily if they need to. Consider this email 0 of your campaign. You then need to follow up in the coming days to build a relationship with the lead, offering them more, and pulling them into your product. A sudden barrage of emails directly after you have given away your email address seems like an intrusion.

Here at AdEspresso, a follow-up email is sent after 3 days pointing the user to other eBooks that might be useful, then a further email 3 days later suggesting that they try out some tools to better understand their Facebook ad campaign.

It is only after these emails with all this advice and free downloads, that AdEspresso brings up the product and how it can help. By this point the relationship and trust has been built and the lead is positive about AdEspresso. This all might sound like a challenge, but there are tools available, such as Customer.

Another way to use email to build a relationship your leads is to offer your next eBook as an email course. Instead of publishing the entire book in one go, you can drip feed your leads over the course of six-ten weeks, with a chapter a week.

At the end, your eBook then becomes the extra sugar to the course, and you have satisfied your customers even more, but still with no extra work. For Free! If you are learning English, reading the eBook, taking the course, then you are going to feel far more comfortable signing up to Flow English paid courses in the future.

If you are initially targeting Facebook users with your eBook download, then retargeting them once they have downloaded is going to be one of your most productive avenues. By keeping the conversation inside Facebook, you can use all the data you already collected from your advertising campaign and drill down to the users you already know.

This will only reach a small audience, but it is an audience you already know are willing to listen. You can use Custom Audiences to target users that left you their emails in Facebook, or use Website Customer Audiences to retarget those that visited your Thank You page or website.

The greatest part of this is that you can make these retargeted ads super-personal, selecting information that you already know about your leads and making sure it is important to them. Users love eBooks for the in-depth analysis they contain, so going to the extra mile and producing one for your audience will always lead to great feedback. The Chrome extension is amazing and will be really handy to create content upgrades from my blog posts!

Awesome Jake! This should have everything you need to get your eBook built and out there generating leads. Thanks a lot! I have surfed plenty useful tools and tips on your website recommendations.

Hope you post us more alike useful.. Again, with appreciation Nhu. Do it Kerajinan! They are a great way to generate leads and get people interested in your product!

I just wrote a post on landing pages and linked to you, since you were better than the resource I originally linked too! If you want to check it out: As an eBook ghostwriter I will say this: Bookmarking for future reference! Thanks for this awesome post.

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I want to sell an eBook that is in full lengh. Now can I make a mini eBook of this full complete eBook and use it as a lead magnet?

Can that lead customer will download the full eBook later. Please advise.

Very interesting information! Perfect just what I was looking for! You recognize thus significantly on the subject of this topic, made me personally consider it from a lot of varied angles.

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Thanks for the useful article. This article help me to create an ebook that can make more viewers linked to my website. Hopefully you can share another article alike. E-book is very important for tutorial about marketing.

So we can get many email customer from e-book that we shared.. Be first to know when the next one comes outCount Me In! I have found plenty of useful tips on your blog recommendations. Hope you post us more content like this useful one. Again, with appreciation. Your email address will not be published.Ingat bahwa mengunduh buku gratis berarti anda menjaga akal sehat dan tidak membayar berlebihan untuk kopian elektronik.

You already have everything needed to produce this book. That eBook is valuable, containing great examples and inspiration, so we can ask for all that information.

Some of the apps might have worthwhile features, but none are required to enjoy Project Gutenberg eBooks. If you understand then you can know exactly what they are offering. Please advise.